Hi, I am Dr. Deepak Patel consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist in Surat City for the last 33 years I have been using a Beagle aesthetic product i have 5-7 machines in my clinic machines are very easy to use i suggest you go for it and i am very happy with the beagle family.
Dr Deepak Patel - Dermatologist
I am Doctor Megha Shah owner of Beauty and Curves Laser Clinic in Surat we have been in this field for the last 17 years and in skin laser treatment for the last 25 years beagle laser machines are safe easy to use, pocket-friendly so trust me friends just go for it.
Dr Megha Shah - Dermatologist
Hii I am Pranav Parekh i am an MD-obstetrics & Gynecologist from Vapi i started my cosmetic gynecology clinic 1 year I bought almost all the machines from Beagle Lasers and I am very happy with the company and the machines, staff, and services are too good and feeling very happy to associate with beagle lasers.
Dr. Pranav Parekh - Gynecologist
Hello, I am Dr Kajal Mangukiya. I am a gynecologist, cosmetic, and infertility specialist. I have been working for more than 15 years in vesu surat working as a gynecology aesthetic, and I purchased a vaginal HIFU. From Beagle Lasers 6 months back, they are very co-operative and trained our staff very well. They are also one phone call away from me and my patients are very satisfied with... Read More
Dr. Kajal Mangukiya - Gynecologist
Hi I am Dr. Rani Shah I am a dermatologist practicing in Surat for the last 25 years I have the Q switch laser machine of a beagle I have been a part of the beagle family for a pretty long time I have the latest version of Q switch machine of beagle laser I am very happy with the results of Q switch laser after seeing the results of this I have invested in other machines also like Dhanus... Read More
Dr Rani Shah - Dermatologist
Hii I am Dr. Namrata Shukla a private practicing dermatologist in Baroda i have had excimer with Beagle Lasers and Esthetics for the past 1 year and my experience with the company is very good training and post-sales service is also excellent they are just one phone call away whenever needed i am very happy to be associated with the company.
Dr Namrata Shukla - Dermatologist
Hello, I'm Dr. Rupa Shah I have been practicing at Silk Skin Laser Cosmetology Center at Ambawadi Ahmedabad since 1999, I have been in this practice I have been associated with Beagle Lasers for 2 years now, since the inception of Beagle Lasers, I have been associated with the beagle lasers company And I have MNRF system the HIFU, DHANUSH, it was not about buying the machine, but it was ... Read More
Dr Rupa Shah - Dermatologist
Hello everyone, my name is Doctor Aditya Shah and I'm a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Baroda. I have my branches at Baroda, Surat, and Ranchi and I have been using Beagle lasers for quite some time. Beagle lasers are the best lasers in the market. They provide the best Technical support. Their results are great and after-sales services are also there. Also, their training a... Read More
Dr Aditya Shah - Dermatologist
Hi, I am Urvi Shah an oral and facial plastic surgeon I have been in the field of special aesthetics for the last 5 years I have taken Dhanush tripel wavelength Diode 1600 WATT am I very happy with the results, the machine is very good, painless to the patients and it is giving very good treatment to the patients and I am a part of bagel family since last 6 months beagle is giving me a c... Read More
Dr Urvi Shah - Oral & Facial Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Trupti Shah - Ahmedabad
Dr. Rupa Shah - Ahmedabad
Dr. Urvi Shah (For Dhanush Triple Wavelength Diode)
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