Buy / Sell

  • Beagel provides meditech manufacturers and dealers a platform to sell their products and equipments on the portal Beagle
  • Beagle has millions of potential customers registered as well as many unregistered users visiting the portal to search for latest meditech equipments viz. doctors, medical practitioners, and health care institutions.
  • Manufacturers and Dealers lists their meditech products and equipments on the portal Beagle which are visible to all who seek to purchase such products and equipments.
  • Potential customers of such meditech products and equipments raise product inquiries and converse with respective dealer / manufacturers
  • If the transaction gets completed and is recorded on the portal Beagle, then both the seller and purchaser gets reward points for the recorded transactions which can be utilized in future for eligible transactions; for example, for purchasing certain approved products / equipments, get finance at concessional terms etc.
  • All such recorded transactions shall be eligible to apply for finance on such transaction and to get finance offers from Beagle's listed lenders through Beagle
  • Dealers / Manufacturers may also provide customized and lucrative finance scheme on their listed products and equipments