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Premium CO2 Laser

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FDA, TUV Medical CE, TGA approved Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

CO2 fractional laser wavelength is 10600nm, the use of selective photothermal decomposition priciple, evenly on the skin marked with fine holes, resulting in the skin layer of hot stripping, thermal coagulation, thermal effect. And then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions to stimulate the skin for self-repair, so as to achieve firming, rejuvenation and eliminate the effect of stains.

Applications :

  • Installation-B2 / B5 Devices

Working Theory



(1) Each hit of the laser produces a Microthermal Treatment Zone smaller than a human hair, sparing the intervening normal tissue.

(2) Collegen remodeling takes place in the MTZ and a small plug of MicroEpidermal Necrotic Debris (MEND) flakes off in a few days.

(3) A seconf treatment creates more MTZs as the collagen from the first treatment remodels and tightens.

(4) Each treatment session covers about 20% of the skin surface. Usually 4-6 treatments spaced at 1 week intervals are needed.


Auto-Detected Handpiece Spot size :

(Adjustable handpiece, spots size setting from 2 to 10mm.) The energy synchromously changes following the setting spot size.

Hand Design : 6 treatment tips alternatively for different solution.

Gynecology Handpieces (f127mm) : Rebuild vaginal Mucosa, tighten vagina and improve the vulva color.

Scan Handpieces : The golden standard of light aging treatment improve acne and scars.

Surgical Handpieces (f50mm/f100mm optional) : Accurate energy, instant gasification skin tissue.

Lens : Korea imported medical grade golding Lens with high energy transmittance.

Service Life
Treatments Per Day Machine Life
1 to 2 7 to 10 Years
5 + More 5 to 7 Years
Technical Specification
1 Technology RF-excited CO2 Laser
2 Screen Size 12.1 inch
3 Spot Size 0.5mm
4 Net weight 77kg
5 Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 800VA
6 Aiming beam 635nm, <5mW
7 Scan shapes Circilar / Ellipse / Square / Triagle / Hexagon
8 Handpieces Surgical handpieces (f50mm, f100mm)
9 Brand Name Beagle
10 Language Support English
11 Output Power 110-240v/ 50-60 Hz
12 Display Mode Touch Screen
13 Device Dimension 58 x 76 x 137cm