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Nakul Triple Wavelength Diode

-Hair Removal Devices

Diode laser hair removal relies on the selective interaction of light and heat to target hair follicles effectively.

Nakul's powerful system operates at three wavelengths (808nm, 755nm, and 1064nm) to deliver optimal results while ensuring comfort for clinicians and painless treatments.

We offer additional settings for skin rejuvenation using 1064nm wavelength. 

• Permanent hair reduction

• Skin Rejuvenation


Nakul Triple Wavelenght Diode- an innovative solution for permanent laser hair removal. With wavelengths of 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm, our system sets the golden standard for permanent hair reduction.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Results: The 808nm wavelength, known as the golden standard, ensures permanent hair reduction. By combining it with 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths, we provide a comprehensive solution for various skin types and hair colors.

  2. Suitable for Darker Skin: Darker skin tones can benefit greatly from our triple wavelength technology. The combination of wavelengths allows for precise targeting while minimizing the risk of damage to the skin.

  3. Enhanced Absorption and Penetration: Our laser system optimizes absorption, penetration, and coverage, ensuring thorough and efficient hair removal treatments.

  4. Faster Results: Experience quicker results with our triple wavelength technology. By incorporating multiple wavelengths, we can achieve superior outcomes in less time compared to single-wavelength lasers.

  5. Integrated Skin Rejuvenation: In addition to hair removal, our laser offers skin rejuvenation settings using the 1064nm wavelength. Enjoy the benefits of smoother, more youthful-looking skin alongside hair removal treatments.

  6. Painless Treatments: Our high-powered setup operates at three wavelengths to ensure effective results while prioritizing clinician comfort and providing painless treatments.

Working Principle:
  • Diode laser hair removal technology utilizes the selective dynamics of light and heat.
  • The laser penetrates the skin surface to target hair follicles at their roots.
  • Light energy is absorbed by the follicles and converted into heat, damaging the follicle tissue.
  • This process inhibits hair regrowth without causing harm to surrounding tissues.
  • It is considered the safest, quickest, and most permanent technique for hair removal available.
Technical Specification
1 Wavelength Nakul (808nm,755nm,1064nm)
2 Frequency 1-10HZ
3 Pulse Duration 1ms-20ms
4 Technology Diode Laser
5 Language Support English
6 Warranty Period 1 Year
7 Handpieces 1
8 Brand Name Beagle
9 Spot Size 2x1
10 Total Power 1200wt for Diodes
11 Cooling System Air cooling, TEC, Sapphire Peltier
12 Gross Weight 35 Kg
13 Display Mode Touch Screen
14 Output Power 110-240v/ 50-60 Hz
15 Pulse Mode 10 million Shots
Introducing- Nakul Triple Wavelength Diode