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Dhanush Triple Wavelength Diode

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Experience Unparalleled Efficiency and Comfort with the Dhanush 1600

The Dhanush 1600 diode laser hair removal system is a revolution for medical professionals in India. This advanced technology boasts a triple-wavelength approach (755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm) for superior results on a wider range of patients with diverse skin types. But the Dhanush 1600 goes beyond just efficacy; it prioritizes ease of use, comfort, and efficiency within your practice.

Enhanced User Experience :
  • Intuitive Interface : A user-friendly interface simplifies operation, minimizing training time for staff and maximizing treatment efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Handle : The Dhanush 1600 features a comfortable, user-friendly handle designed to reduce operator fatigue during extended use.
  • Advanced Cooling Systems :
    • Thermo-Electric Conduction : Maintains a cool system temperature (under 26°C) to safeguard diodes, further enhanced by a water circulation system.
    • Peltier Sapphire Cooling : Utilizes advanced Peltier technology and sapphire conduction to deliver targeted skin cooling at approximately 4°C, significantly enhancing patient comfort and treatment safety.


Streamlined Workflow and Investment Protection :
  • Portability & Stability : The Dhanush 1600's compact and mobile design allows for easy movement within your practice, while its stable construction ensures optimal performance during use.
  • Ease of Installation & Repairs : Designed for simplified installation and maintenance, the Dhanush 1600 minimizes downtime and keeps your practice running smoothly.
  • Routine Maintenance : The system's design facilitates routine maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance and a reliable return on your investment.


System Benefits for Superior Hair Removal :
  • Efficacy : The triple-wavelength technology combined with high-quality laser bars effectively targets hair follicles for permanent hair reduction, suitable for both men and women.
  • Safety : The confined photothermal effect ensures minimal impact on surrounding tissues, making it safe for all skin types.
  • Comfort : Dedicated sapphire cooling technology guarantees a comfortable experience for both clinicians and patients throughout the treatment.
  • Treatment Time : Dual spot sizes enable faster treatment times, maximizing efficiency and patient throughput.


Mechanism of Action : Dhanush 1600 Triple-Wavelength Diode Laser Hair Removal

The Dhanush 1600 diode laser hair removal system utilizes a unique triple-wavelength approach to achieve permanent hair reduction. Here's a breakdown of how each wavelength interacts with the hair follicle:
755nm (Alexandrite Wavelength) : This wavelength offers the highest absorption rate by melanin, the pigment in hair follicles. It effectively targets finer hairs and hairs in lighter skin types (Fitzpatrick I-III) by delivering targeted thermal damage to the hair follicle bulge and growth matrix.
808nm (Diode Wavelength) : This wavelength offers a deeper penetration depth compared to 755nm. It targets the bulb and deeper structures of the hair follicle, making it ideal for treating thicker, coarser hairs and those located deeper within the skin.
1064nm (Nd:YAG Wavelength) : This wavelength has the deepest penetration of all three and offers the greatest ability to reach deeply pigmented hair follicles and those in darker skin types (Fitzpatrick IV-VI). It primarily targets the dermal papilla, a blood supply that nourishes the hair follicle, hindering future hair growth.


The Synergy of Three Wavelengths :

The combination of these three wavelengths in a single pulse provides several advantages:
Broader Treatment Spectrum : By targeting different depths and hair follicle structures, the Dhanush 1600 effectively treats a wider range of hair types and colors on various skin tones.

Enhanced Efficacy : Combining the strengths of each wavelength leads to more comprehensive damage to the hair follicle, increasing the success rate of permanent hair reduction.

Improved Safety : The targeted approach of each wavelength minimizes unintended effects on surrounding tissues,making the treatment safer for all skin types.

Overall, the Dhanush 1600's triple-wavelength technology offers a safe, effective, and versatile solution for permanent hair removal in a clinical setting.

The Dhanush Triple Wavelength Diode Laser offers a comprehensive solution for efficient, comfortable, and safe hair removal. With its commitment to user-friendliness, reliability, and advanced features, the Dhanush 1600 is the ideal choice for clinics seeking to elevate their hair removal practice.

Contact us today to learn more about the Dhanush 1600 and how it can revolutionize your approach to hair removal.

Technical Specification
1 Display Mode Touch Screen
2 Technology Diode Laser
3 Screen Size 10.5 inch LCD
4 Wavelength Triple wavelength(755nm,808nm,1064nm)
5 Frequency 1-20Hz
6 Spot Size Large spot:2x2 cm
7 Cooling System Triple cooling- TEC,Air & water, peltier
8 Total Power 1600wt for Diodes  2400wt system Power Supply
9 Net weight 35Kg
10 No of Pulse 30 Million
11 Output Power 110-240v/ 50-60 Hz
12 Warranty Period 1 year
13 Language Support English
14 Handpieces 1
15 Brand Name Beagle
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