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Cryolipolysis 4 in 1 Slimming Machine

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Vacuumcryoslimming machine is a non-invasive procedure that gently and effectively removes fat from targeted areas of the body that have not responded to traditional diet and exercise. Patients can benefit from noticeable yet natural-looking results in their problem areas, providing an overall smoother body contour. Vacuumcryoslimming machine is most effective in removing fat from the abdomen, love handles (flanks) and back. The results are achieved using the advanced Vacuumcryoslimming machine technology, which cools the targeted tissue to break down the fat cells for easy removal, without any harm to the surrounding tissue. Fat cells have been proven to be more vulnerable to cold than the surrounding tissue.

Product Information


  • 360 degress advanced fat freezing uses latest fat freezing technology 
  • Increase in percentage of fat loss due to newer technology and coverage
  • Minimizing bruising from the suction
  • Shorter time needed
  • Advanced Body shaping technology
  • Treats multiple areas in single session
  • Safe with no downtime


Technical Characteristics:

  • Independent Power Supply Control Operating System
  • Freezing heads are made up of with soft silicone Material
  • Real time environmental Temperature Control Monitoring
  • Combine Cryolipolysis, Cavitation Treatment with RF to enhance Slimming effect of Beauty equipment.



  • Body slimming, Reshape body line
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Localized fat Reduction
  • Skin Tightening
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Improve Blood Circulation​


Greater comfort – The enhanced cup designed brings more comfort

Shorter treatment time – The new applicators cut the duration of the treatment by almost half

More fat treated – New designs enable treatment or cooling of larger areas

Service Life
Treatments Per Day Machine Life
1 to 2 3 to 4 Years
5 + More 1 to 2 Years
Technical Specification
1 Frequency 50~60Hz
2 Net weight 35Kg
3 Output Power 500W
4 Spot Size 63 x 55 x 63 cm
5 Brand Name Beagle
6 Technology fat freezing, cavitation, Radiofrequency, laser lipo
7 Cooling System Air cooling,water cooling
8 Warranty Period 6 Month
9 Language Support English
10 Handpieces 12
11 Display Mode Touch Screen
12 Input Voltage AC 110~220V
13 Package Dimension 75 x 65 x 45 cm
14 Gross Weight 40Kg
16 Lead Time 48 hours
17 Shipping Time 30 Working days
18 Shipping Charges Extra as per location INR