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Beagle Q Switched Nd:YAG -Comfort Line



Beagle Q Switch Nd-Yag Laser - Comfort Line:

1064nm and dual 532 wavelength laser adopt Nanosecond Laser and Q-switched laser technology and laser frequency doubling technique, using the instantaneous“ light induced by blasting” principle, the laser within a very short time moment acting on the target tissue, the corresponding basement absorb light energy heating ballooned instantaneous blasting fragmentation, one part from the epidermis(skin) after the basement fracture eduction body outside, another part (under the skin tissue) base cracked into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion ultimately through lymphatic loop eduction body outside, the lesion of the basement will gradually decrease and the surrounding normal tissues due to no absorb or rarely absorbs 532nm/1064nm wavelength laser, so almost no damage, small pain, most of the people no need anesthesia.


The Beagle Q Switch Nd-Yag Laser - Comfort Line utilizes nanosecond laser and Q-switched laser technology, as well as laser frequency doubling technique. It emits both 1064nm and dual 532 wavelengths. The laser works by utilizing the "light induced by blasting" principle, in which it acts on the target tissue for a very short moment, causing it to absorb light energy and heat up, resulting in instantaneous fragmentation. One part of the tissue is expelled from the epidermis, while the other part is broken down into tiny particles that can be consumed by macrophages in the subcutaneous tissue. The macrophages digest the particles and excrete them through the lymphatic system. Gradually, the lesion in the tissue decreases, while the surrounding normal tissue is largely unaffected due to its low absorption of the 532nm/1064nm wavelength laser. As a result, the treatment is typically associated with minimal pain and does not usually require anesthesia. Grammatical errors have been corrected.

Technical Specification
1 Device Dimension 99 x 64 x 128.5cm (L*W*H)
2 Net weight 163kgs
3 Brand Name Beagle
4 Technology Active Q-switched Nd: YAG laser
5 Frequency 1-10Hz
6 Cooling System Air cooling,water cooling
7 Language Support English
8 Warranty Period 1 Year
9 Output Power 110-240v/ 50-60 Hz
10 Handpieces 1
11 Display Mode Touch Screen
12 Spot Size 2~10 mm, adjustable
13 Aiming beam Red diode laser (630~650nm, less than 5 mW)
14 Max Energy 130mJ(650nm)
15 Repitition Rate 1-10Hz, adjustable
16 Operation Interface 2"Color touch screen
17 Yag bar size Φ8.5mm
18 Width of pulse less than 6ns
19 Wavelength 532 and 1064
20 Input Voltage 230V AC,50-60Hz,2000W