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4DHIFU ultra

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The latest product 4D multi-line hifu skin beauty instrument can achieve three perfect functions of firming, wrinkle removal and shaping. The advanced point of 4D multi-line HIFU is that using the most advanced ultrasonic energy, deep penetration, can reach the SMAS layer of the skin, make collagen produce immediate contraction and stimulate collagen Protein fiber network, thereby enhancing skin elasticity from the bottom layer of the skin (self-repair mechanism is safer).

  • The principle of the instrument

4D multi-row is to use probes with different depths (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm on the face) to accurately focus the energy on the epidermis, collagen layer, and fascia layer; 4.5mm is positioned on the subcutaneous fascia layer, where the focus is The fascia layer produces a protein coagulation reaction, thereby generating a pulling force around the freezing point, which plays a role in the growth and pulling of the muscles in the fascia layer, and achieves the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming; 3.0mm acts on the subcutaneous .The collagen layer stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of collagen, and the newly generated collagen can gradually tighten and enhance the skin from the inside, restoring elasticity; it is aimed at problems such as facial sagging and wrinkles; one operation, the entire face is comprehensively lifted, and the overall contour is lifted. tighten. There are also probes of different depths for the treatment of body fat and breasts, targeting the body fat layer, tightening the skin and dissolving fat.

  • Indication:
  1. Skin tightening
  2. Skin rejuvenation
  3. face lifting
  4. texture
  5. wrinkle
  6. anti-ageing
  7. fat reduction



HIFU (High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) treatment is one of the most preferred, non-invasive lifting treatments for face, neck & body. HIFU targets deeper layers under the skin, the same layer that is targeted during surgery. It’s a safe alternative to surgery, which can be used on body to target the fat and tighten up the skin, also on the face - for a facelift and double chin. The 4D HIFU technology results are proven to be 87% more effective, with a 97% customer satisfaction.

Technical parameters and package size:

Product name: 4D HIFU

Treatment head:1.5,3.0,4.5,6.0,8.0,10,13,16 can choose.

Input voltage: AC110V - 220V

Output frequency:4-7MHz

Output voltage:10-200W


Size of Air box:20×40×54cm

Weight: about 11kg (Don’t include the base)

Packaging and Delivery Details
Selling Units: 0
Single package size: 60*40*60 Cm
Single gross weight: 15kg
Packing size: 20kg
Packing weight: 20kg
Picture :
Lead Time: 3-7 working days
Shipping Time: 10-15 working days
Shipping Charges: Extra as per location INR
Service Life
Treatments Per Day Machine Life
1 to 2 3 to 4 Years
5 + More 1 to 2 Years
Technical Specification
1 Device Dimension 20*40*54
2 Technology HIFU
3 Output Power None
4 Under Warranty Spare Parts
5 Post Warranty AMC Subscription,Spare Parts - Chargeable basis,Video Tech Support - Chargeable basis,Technician - Chargeable basis
6 Condition NEW
7 certification technology
8 Brand Name Beagle
9 Warranty 12 Months
10 Country of Origin China
11 Input Voltage 220V