Product Details

Dhanush Triple Wavelength Diode

-Hair Removal Devices

Dhanush 1600”  is a triple wavelength diode hair removal laser which delivers 3 wavelengths of light; 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm in one single pulse and pulse duration to a specific target chromophore. Dhanush is designed and developed in India for optimum performance under Indian conditions and power consistency. Specially designed canopy offers style, comfort, mobility, portability and heat stability under Indian conditions.

  • Permanent Hair Reduction


The working principle of Dhanush Triple wavelength diode laser is the Selective Photo-Thermolysis. The energy delivered by the diodes is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in hair which results into effective destroying of the hair follicles and hair shafts without producing injury to the surrounding skin tissues.

At any given time, in a treatment area the hair is in mixture of its stages of hair cycle; which is classified as:

(a) Anagen- actively growing stage

(b) Telogen- terminal stage of hair

(c) Catagen - Transformation stage from Anagen to Telogen.

With each ongoing treatment, following response is achieved at the treatment site:

  1. The actively growing hair follicle (Anagen) absorbs the diode heat and is completely destroyed. With such destruction, the hair losses its regeneration ability and results in to permanent loss.
  2. The terminal stage hair (Telogen),  does not have intact hair follicle and hence the diode heat is absorbed by the remittance of hair shaft and it produces partial damage to it. Such partial damage results into premature activation of the Anagen stage and this results in to reappearance of hair growth over period of 3 to 6 weeks depending upon standard hair growth cycle for a particular area of the body. Clinically such hair are appears thinner and with less melanin or blond.
  3. The transformation stage hair (Catagen) , has some remaining hair follicle partially connected with the hair shaft (An exclamatory mark like appearance). Such hair follicle absorbs partial heat and get destroy and some heat is conducted to the hair follicles. This results in to insufficiently destroyed hair shaft which eventually reappears as carbonized hair follicles which reappears within first 15 days from the day of treatment. 

Diode delivers high frequency at effective fluence pulses and can be safely used on all skin types. The use of triple wavelengths offers additional advantage of targeting hair follicles at different depth in the skin dermis and varying shades from dark black to blond hair.

*Grey hair is a limitation of any diodes or laser hair reduction procedure.


Cooling System:

Dhanush is designed for the extensive continuous use in day to day practice. Triple cooling mechanism protects system, diodes and the skin from  damages during the operations.

  1. Air Cooling: The unique design of the canopy offers sufficient conduction of heat which is produced while operating and sufficient exhaust is managed to maintain system temperature under 24 degree.
  2. TEC- Thermo Electric Conduction : It is designed and installed to maintain the system temperature under 26 degrees during the operations and also protect the diodes by keeping them cool. Well supported by the water flow mechanism which is essential part of the TEC.
  3. Peltier Saphire Cooling: The skin is essential part of the treatment and it requires to maintain cooling of skin at about 4degree C during the treatment. This is done effectively by using Peltier technology and sapphire conduction. This is well backed up by TEC.

The triple cooling mechanism manages 360 degree protection for. The system, for the diodes and for the treating skin and optimises the safety offered by the Dhanush Diode Lasers.

User Friendly Interface:

In India, Hair reduction is performed by the trained operators and nurses in majority of the clinics. Dhanush is designed to ease the operations and reduce the learning curve for the users. The unique 3D user interface offers ease of selection of the skin types, pre calibrated recommendations of energy, fluence and pulsed width and  controlled cooling. The interface is designed in such a way that a new operator can be trained in limited hours and with great comfort.

The User Friendly Handle:

The operating comfort of the operators is considered deeply while designing Dhanush. The handle is designed for the extensive use for hours by the operators and the weight management and the cable size are both considered deeply while designing the machine.

Water Circulation System:

Dhanush is designed with easy to maintain mechatronics. The use of high quality water pump reduces the breakdown and improves the stability and reliability.

Dhanush has low maintenance  design of the water reservoir. The water filters and are  easy to maintain, source and replace. Dhanush offers easy to maintain and synchronised mechatronics and reduces down time of the system due to flow errors and water circulation mechanism errors. The design is such that it protects diodes and improve its life.

Portability & Stability:

Dhanush offers perfect blend of vertical system and the portability. The sturdy canopy with perfectly designed height and weight proposition offers protection against the high impacts, manhandling and reduces chances for the damages during transportation. The size is such that it can fit to boot or a rear seat of any standard Indian motor vehicle.

Ease of Installation & Repairs:

Dhanush is designed with considering technicians repairing the system at site. The ease of access to the vital components, easy to check the power supply, mechatronics and other components and ease to replace parts is designed considered while establishing the interior design of the machine. 

Routine Maintenance :

Dhanush is designed considering high consumption in Indian clinics. Design is such that it is easy to carry out day to day maintanance like water levels, cleaning and power connections by trained operators or personals in the clinics it self. The sturdy design of power stability and safety reduces further requirements of routine maintenance.

1. Efficacy-3 wavelengths emitted in a single pulse.

                -high quality laser bars

                -ideal for male and female

2. Safety-photothermal effect is confined to the hair follicle prevents energy from damaging surrounding tissues.

            -safe for all skin types

3. Comfort – dedicated sapphire cooling (0-4degrees during operation)

                    -Clinicians comfort and convenience

4.Treatment time- 2 spot sizes-faster treatments

System benefits

*Triple cooling system

*Ease of operation

*Ease of availability of parts

*two spot sizes available

*software wise offers 2 variants

*Sturdy device

*Pain free experience

Technical Specification

System type

Diode laser


Triple wavelength(755nm,808nm,1064nm)

Power supply

110-240v/ 50-60 Hz

Total power

1200wt for Diodes

2400wt system power supply

Spot size

Large spot:26*12mm &

Small spot:8*8mm

Pulse duration





Air cooling, TEC, Sapphire Peltier

Number of pulses

30 million

Screen size

10.5 inch LCD

Gross weight