Product Details

Ultraformer MPT

-Energy Based Devices

Ultraformer MPT is the technology of MMFU in the second year of its creation. It can cure faster and more effectively. It has a variety of energy output modes and depths, and can achieve multiple modes of treatment. I believe these new technologies will bring many unique benefits to the treatment, as well as additional value to doctors.



Skin tightening

face lifting

fat reduction



skin rejuvenation

Product features

10 Anti-ageing Magic weapons

Efficacy of 10 therapeutic probes

  1. Treatment of frontalis muscle
  2. Improve the relaxation of eyebrow muscle and eye ring muscle
  3. Firming eye bag and removing eye wrinkles
  4. Treat apple muscle
  5. Improve the relaxation of levator muscle of upper lip and masticatory muscle
  6. Remove the wrapping surface and highlight the contour
  7. Improve the relaxation of the jaw and close the chin
  8. Improve neck relaxation


Technical Specifications
 Description Ultraformer MPT
Joules 0.1J-1.0J
Number of cartridges 3.0mm,4.5mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,6mm,9mm,13mm for normal 7D, 1.5mm,3.0mm,4.5mm for ultra booster
Place of original


Cartridges shots 12000 shots of normal 7D cartridges and 12000 shots of ultra booster
Feature 417 breakthrough technology lines (MPT)
Packing weight 112kg
Packing size 91*50*123cm
Style vertical