Product Details

1470nm Diode Laser


The 1470nm EVLT diode laser therapy device uses 1470nm wavelength semiconductor fiber-coupled laser or EVLT.

Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) according to the characteristics of the thermal energy of the laser and the laser effect of the tissue, the laser emitted by this instrument through a fiber-coupled light source is conducted through a  special circular fiber to accurately destroy the inner wall of the blood vessel, achieve blood vessel closure and brosis, and achieve the purpose oftreating varicose veins of the lower limbs The laser in this band has a high absorption rate of melanin and deoxyhemoglobin, and it has the effect of coagulation and hemostasis while vaporizing and cutting.

1470nm EVLT

1470nm semiconductor laser has high cutting efficiency and can be conducted through optical fitber. It can be absorbed by both hemoglobin and cell water. Heat can be concentrated in small tissues, quickly vaporize and decompose tissues, with less thermal damage. It has the advantage of coagulation and hemostasis. It is suitable for tumor resection, surgical operation, prostatectomy, varicose veins and other minimally invasive operations.

Application of direct optical fiber

Direct optical fiber is suitable for 

  • Lipolysis surgery
  • Cutting surgery
  • Dentisty
  • Homorrhoids and anal fistula
  • Ent
  • PLDD Iumbar disc reduction Compression
  • Prostatectomy
  • Tumor resection
Technical Specification
1 Output Power 0.5-15W
2 Frequency 1-9Hz
3 Pulse Mode Pulse mode, Continuous mode
4 Language Support English or OEM
5 Wavelength 1470nm
6 Cooling System Air cooling
7 Device Dimension 360mm*340mm*220mm
8 Gross Weight 11KG
9 Input Voltage AC : 100-240V, 50/60Hz
10 Aiming beam 650nm
11 Display Mode Touch screen
12 Width of pulse 8.0 inch
13 Light Source Detachable fiber systems, Core Size (Use only approved systems) ≤600μm, SMA 905 connector
14 Net weight 5KG
15 Pulse Width Pulse width 15ms—60ms
16 Length of Fiber 3m