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15Hz Q-Switched Nd: YAG


  • Tattoo Removal

  • Nevus of Ota

  • Remove pigmented lesions

  • Rejuvenate, Skin Lightening / Brightening

  • Wrinkle removal, improve skin elasticity

  • Remove eyeliner, eyebrow, eye and lip lines.


  • Flat beam profile

  • Physician friendly interface

  • 532nm, 1064nm wavelength

  • Up to 15Hz repetition rate

  • Carbon treatment probe

G-Q7 Q-Switched Nd:YAG 


  • Q – Switched 1064nm; Ota, coffee spot, freckles, age spots, traumatic pigmentation, black, blue, brown tattoo, eye line & lip line tattoo pigment.

  • Q – Switched 532 nm; shallow red and brown skin color of pigmented lesions, red spot & mole, capillaritis hemangioma, brandy nose etc.


  • Strong power output, high efficiency

  • High and new laser technology – instantaneous explosion

  • Short treatment period with outstanding effect

  • Easy to administer, simple to switch between wavelengths

  • No destroy to hair follicle, no injury to ordinary skin & no scar

G-Fiber 808nm Laser


  • Hair Removal


  • Fiber laser, no consumption part.

15W CO2 Laser


  • Eliminate acne scar

  • Reduce deep wrinkles

  • Skin tightening

  • Skin resurfacing

  • Improve skin tone

  • Incision and excision of surgery applied in gynecology, E.N.T, dentistry and dermatology


  • Sealed off CO2 laser technology

  • CW, pulse and super pulse operation modes

  • Thin film key switch, microprocessor control

  • Alphanumeric message display

  • 7- joint spring balanced articulated arm

  • Pilot beam of semi-conductor laser

  • Safety protection with automatic alarm

Ultra Pulse Co2 30w Laser


  • Eliminate acne scar

  • Reduce deep wrinkles

  • Skin resurfacing

  • Improve skin tone

  • For general surgery


  • Steady and stable laser beam quality

  • Rapid healing and minimal downtime

  • Safe and non-invasive

  • Adjustable scanning patters and size

  • Adjustable intensity of laser beam

  • Automatic alarm system for operation and troubles

  • Micro-computer control, high definition of laser beam

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